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That’s me

With tons of things to take in this whole wide world, as a curious little owl, I am on the path of learning as much as I can to feed my yearnings and share them with you as my untamed musings.💭

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My Musing

A quick walkthrough into how I perceive the world to be. You can always disagree with me, but I am sure you would enjoy reading it nonetheless.

My favorite musings from what I read

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I come across many great articles when I research for my blog. I am sharing a few of them here, which you might equally love. Goes without saying none of these are my endorsements.

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Korean Love

The Korean kind of love!

Oddly enough, it’s really hard to define Korean words if they are for feelings or emotions. Be it love, anger, sadness, or regret.

Shadow-ing: Integrating the hidden power of our dark side

Shadow is more than just a silhouette. In the psychology world, it means the unconscious “dark side” of our personality.

Are you a good listener?

Are we really good listeners? When we listen to someone speak, are we really listening to them or listening to their voice in our heads?

What is your love style?

A love style is essentially a set of inclinations and tendencies of how we associate and relate to our romantic partner.

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