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That’s me

With tons of things to take in this whole wide world, as a curious little owl, m on the path of learning as much as I can, to feed my yearnings and share it with you as my untamed musings💭

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My Musing

A quick walkthrough into how I perceive the world to be. You can always disagree with me, but I am sure you would enjoy reading it nonetheless

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I found so many great articles when I research for my blog. I am sharing a few of them which you might equally love. Goes without saying none of these are my endorsements.

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Feeling dirty when feeling sinful and cold when lonely

An attempt to understand the connection between abstract concepts and physical feelings.

Is our internet addiction wrecking family life?

This new era of internet has violated all the gates of a happy family. These boundaries weren’t crossed except in case of an emergency.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

We are all slaves of a huge number of subconscious biases. Life can get easier if we can lift the veil a bit to let our critical thinking peek through.

Life as a ride on the train

Life is like a journey on a train. This mysterious voyage of life on which we embark is made up of millions of little moments, choices, interactions and thoughts.

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