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That’s me

With tons of things to take in this whole wide world, as a curious little owl, m on the path of learning as much as I can, to feed my yearnings and share it with you as my untamed musings💭

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My Musing

A quick walkthrough into how I perceive the world to be. You can always disagree with me, but I am sure you would enjoy reading it nonetheless

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I found so many great articles when I research for my blog. I am sharing a few of them which you might equally love. Goes without saying none of these are my endorsements.

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Are you also a people-pleaser ?

Some say there are two kinds of people in world: givers and takers. From this perspective, people-pleaser appear on the surface of givers.

Why are we so bad at keeping our New Year’s resolutions?

We wake up on the 1st with the best of intentions and lots of energy to tackle our resolutions. But are we really keeping up our resolutions?

2020, the year we thought the world ends

It’s been hard to see the silver lining this year. Saying 2020 has been a mess would be an understatement.

How does being a night-owl or an early-riser matter?

Did you know that the time we snuggle down under our duvet could have a huge effect on our life!

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