About me

Hola! I am Prabha, a psychology enthusiast, who loves to let her id lose. I was that kid at school, who seemed to never pay attention. More often than not, I am lost in my own world of doodles, drawings, and day-dreaming.  Somehow my left brain tingles more with excitement than the right. And this, what many call the dominant hemisphere, sanctioned my creative writing.

With tons of things to take in this whole wide world, this gremlin lil brain of mine is on a path of learning as much as it can. Not only to feed my yearnings but also to share them with you as my untamed musings. You might of course disagree with me, but you most certainly will be enjoying the read while at it.

As an attempt to unearth the mystery box of homo sapien, I realized that the human psyche can be chaotic and exhaustive. With progressing age, we act as if we have everything figured out, but deep inside many of us are just a child discreetly crying for help. So, I try my best to be of some help to such masked adults for them to unleash biases and stereotypes.

I am a content writer for quite some websites and magazines while working on up-skilling myself about the cast of mind.

Oh, by the way, I take mental health very seriously, so if ever you need a friendly soul to just talk to, better bring it on!!