Let me ask a few questions. Do you smile more when the sun is shining? Do you feel more creative when the lights are low? Why do some people dim the lights when they eat?
How we set our lights is no mindless coincidence. Simply stated, it is to set the mood.

Design is about a lot more than just having a pretty room. There are many different elements that go into the experience of a space. And they can all have a significant impact on the way that we relate to our surroundings.

Notice the lighting in your favorite restaurant the next time you visit. Restaurants turn the lights down because dim lights interfere with the perception of our own satiety. For instance, inhibitions are lowered in dim lighting so we simply feel more comfortable eating larger amounts of food. Marketing trick? Absolutely.

If the space and ambience of a restaurant have the ability to decide how you feel, imagine what your home space can do to your mind. Here is an article I found interesting about how interior design affects our creativity and behaviour.

Happy reading 🙂

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