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The Unconscious slip

The Unconscious slip

The act of accidentally flipping or swapping the initial sounds of two words in a phrase or a sentence, which produces a humorous effect, is slip of tongue, called spoonerism.
But not all slip of tongues are funny. Apparently a few of them might have some unconscious thoughts, beliefs or wishes – which come to light through special blunders. There are different categories of slips discovered. However, if the slip doesn’t happen as a result of deep unconscious mind, then what causes them?

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Peg word

It’s just a limiting belief that good memory is something you’re “born with”. Remembering something is a skill that can totally be trained for. However, one misconception about memory technique is, it will give you a perfect recall.

Using memory techniques doesn’t mean that you won’t forget the information anymore. You still require recall and practice—but less. Without practice, your ability to decode something from a memory technique gradually declines. What memory techniques actually do is give you a more robust piece of stimulus for the brain. They make the information much simpler and extraordinary to our brains.

It’s like cryptography, but on a more personal level. There are many memory techniques that one can choose to practice. One such impressive technique is the Peg-word Method.

To brief you up, Peg-word method is a mnemonic technique that involves linking words with numbers to create mental associations between items to be remembered and the items that are already associated with numbers. Here is a link for those of you who are inquisitive about what this method is and how to practice this memory technique.