Are you an owl or a lark? Most of us fall into one or the other category and think little of the implications. But the time we snuggle down under our duvet could have a huge effect on our life. I was amused to know that my sleeping posture affects my personality. And it affects not only the personality but also health.

Think about it: We spend roughly one-third of your life asleep—that means one-third of our time is spent relatively motionless in a handful of sleep postures. These sleep postures can affect how well and how much we sleep and have an impact on our health.

Researchers say that, late-nighters may find their lifestyles bring on more than a case of the blues. Studies carried out at the University of Western Sydney reveal that a night owl is more likely to be narcissistic and more machiavellian in their desire to manipulate others — and may even be more inclined towards callousness and insensitivity. While other data shows, night owls tend to have more extrovert personalities than the more conservative larks.

These findings have been giving rise to new debatable questions such as, do they socialize more because they are extrovert or, are they extrovert because they socialize more?

Similarly, our sleeping posture also says how we dream. Interesting right?
According to researchers, nightmares are more frequent for those who slept on their left side, and for those who slept on the right side, felt safe and relief. They also had better quality sleep than those who slept on their left.

There are numerous studies showing us how our sleep posture affects everything we are, from our health to personality to our dreams. A good night’s sleep is priceless. But are you sleeping in a good position for your health? If not, you should consider the closest alternative position.

I’m sure you are now really looking forward to know what your sleeping posture speaks about your personality and how it has been affecting your well-being. Here are a few links for you guys to check out to know more about these.

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