Ever since I first took up a psychology course to brush through all those significant topics psychology composes, I have been most drawn towards the interpretation of dreams. If your are wondering how interpretation of our dreams is significant for psychology study. This is because it involves the sub-conscious mind of human psyche. There are various interpretations for why our dreams occur. One among a lot more interpretations is that our underlying fears, desires along with traumas of our childhood, take the lead along with our sub-conscious memory. And this is not just it. It is as vast as the ocean. How much more interesting can this get?

Who doesn’t want to know why we get such dreams? Be it a weird dream of falling from the sky, or a scenic dream of visiting a dream destination with the favorite someone.

To learn more about why dreams and what they mean and how the entire study of interpreting dreams begin, I started reading ‘The interpretation of dreams’ by Sigmund Freud. Ever since then, it has made me more fond of this fascinating study.

Here is a link I’m putting up for you guys to know a little bit of the preface for interpretation of dreams. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Happy reading 🙂 


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